Meet Nick James, an Australian sheep farmer who has been struggling to stay in business as the climate warms and water becomes more expensive and scarce. Rural communities - both where I live in the US and in Australia - are not well equipped to deal with the mental health challenges posed by climate change, but brave young farmers like Nick are learning to talk about their mental health, and ask for help.


Most of us hardly slow down when driving through the seemingly endless sea of sagebrush that comprises the American West, but hundreds of thousands of acres of sagebrush rangeland are burning each year. These fires rarely make national headlines, but the people who live and work in sagebrush country cherish this landscape and are mourning the loss of the iconic plant, as it is replaced by fire-prone invasive cheat grass.

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When I found out the plane my grandfather flew in World War II was built in the city I love, I knew I had to explore. This is the story of my grandfather (3rd from left), his plane and what the B17 meant for the economic and racial history of Seattle.


Australia is no stranger to periods of extreme heat and drought. But after years with little rain, many farmers in the country's southeast are simply giving up.


Charlie Lovick is a bushman who knows the Australian high country like the back of his hand. He also knows when to use fire to fight fire. You can read the feature I wrote about him for the Methow Valley News here.


I think golf is kind of a dumb sport but, after interviewing David McLay Kidd, I’ll never look at a golf course the same way. Listen to the story I did for the BBC about this delightful Scot and the world class links course he designed on the Oregon coast.

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Sarah Berns didn’t tell her mom when she started jumping out of helicopters to fight wildfire. Then she became a mom, herself, and brought that badass grit to helping other women navigate childbirth.


I don’t know about you, but my ears get bored and tired with the humdrum of daily modern life. Everything starts to sound the same - the traffic, the news on the radio - and we lose track of the wonder and excitement that comes from shutting up and truly listening to the natural world. Gordon Hempton wants to help us all rediscover that wonder. It was an honor to make a podcast that celebrates the art of listening and the amazing soundscapes Gordon has captured around the world. I highly recommend subscribing to this special listening experience I made with the fine feathered folks at BirdNote.