One of the best things about freelancing is working with great clients. If you have a podcast you want to workshop, or are thinking about getting into podcasting and want some help, drop me a line! I can support you in all stages of podcast development, production and strategy. Here are some testimonies from folks who have worked with me:

“Ashley brings a vibrance and clarity of focus to our storytelling projects that's just invaluable. Ashley was a dream to work with as a host. Prepared and energetic, crisp and efficient, Ashley knows her voice and brought it to bear in just the right way and with just the right tone for our project. ”

- Jason Saul, Managing Producer, BirdNote

“Throughout the planning and development phase, Ashley was perceptive, highly engaged and enthusiastic. For the recording itself, Ashley combined a sharp and enquiring mind with warmth and a perfect dash of good humour. Her rapport with the team was excellent and both Tandem and the BBC were delighted with the finished programme.”

- Alex Anderson, Director, Tandem Productions Ltd

“She thoughtfully reviewed our concept - and gave us concrete and impactful tools and feedback to help us scale it to a whole new level. Our podcast is significantly better thanks to her guidance and expertise. And she's a joy to work with.”

- Nonprofit-backed podcast producer