Hi, glad you’re here. I’m a public radio and podcast journalist who has been covering science, the environment, natural resources and climate change for more than a decade. You may have heard my stories on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, BBC World Service and PRI. Or maybe you caught my podcast, Terrestrial, which I hosted and co-created with the fine folks at NPR and member station KUOW in Seattle. The show explored our personal choices in the face of climate change, and has close to a million downloads. In 2018 I made a big jump. I left KUOW and started my own podcast production company. Now I freelance for NPR and a bunch of other shows and help my clients make great podcasts. I also host special projects, like this awesome new show from BirdNote. And this special episode for the BBC podcast “In the Studio”. One of my great passions is helping scientists better communicate their research to the broader public, so I do workshops with Compass, a nonprofit that organizes trainings at universities and research institutions around the world. There are lots of ways we can work together. Click here to find out more, and thanks for stopping by!